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Stanford Lab for Mental Health Innovation



Redesigning the way the world views, diagnoses, and treats mental illness.


Our mission is to tap into the combined potential of academia and industry– bridging medicine, technology, and entrepreneurship to guide the design and use of quality, tech-based products to improve people’s mental health and overall well-being. 

Seeking help is hard, and doctors and resources are limited. Working together, we can think beyond the bounds of what’s currently out there. We can create help that meets people where they are instead of waiting for people to go to the help. With informed, well-designed tech products we finally have the potential to bring mental health help to the 2 billion people around the world who need it. 


Our female-founded, physician-led lab is built on the premise that to solve the mental health crisis in an ethical and socially responsible manner in our lifetime, we need solutions that are based on scientific evidence, interdisciplinary, integrated inside and outside the traditional healthcare system, and scalable to millions at a time.

We take the approach of “meeting people where they are at” in designing solutions and identify the highest potential areas for impact. We take the best insights from academic research and practice and apply them in our partnerships with leading entities to work toward our goal of more effective, accessible, and engaging technologies and innovations that improve health and unlock human potential. 


Fostering collaboration in mental health innovation.

Join our community of healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, journalists, policymakers, and students.