The Brainstorm founding mission is to transform brain health by fostering innovative ventures that optimize health and human potential.

We pursue our mission in three key ways: 

  • Educate: Provide students and professionals with the knowledge and skills that they need to create innovative solutions to brain health problems. Advance research and publish insights on brain health delivery and ventures. 
  • Collaborate: Build a network to unite key stakeholders in the brain health innovation ecosystem. Host events to identify the most important ideas, challenges, and potential in the field. Share what works so that others can build upon proven successes.
  • Create: Partner with academia, nonprofits, government, and industry to develop ideas of all stages into successful ventures. Make solutions that work, sell, are used, and are loved.

Brainstorm is a Special Initiative of the Chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr. Laura Roberts. It was founded in 2017 by Dr. Nina Vasan with founding partners Dr. Gowri Aragam, Dr. Neha Chaudhary, Dr. Linda Drozdowicz, Dr. Kenechi Ejebe, Dr. Reza Hosseini Ghomi, Dr. Swathi Krishna, and Dr. Cody Rall.

Brainstorm is the "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Core" of the Stanford Mental Health Technology and Innovation Hub